Bucket-List Adventures

Some couples want to mark life’s milestones with travel milestones — you know, those trips that you’ve always dreamed about but never seem practical, or require too much time and energy for a “regular” vacation. We say there’s no better time than the present to make a lifelong travel dream come true. Here are four epic once-in-a-lifetime locales  that we find especially honeymoon-worthy.

  • African Safari

    Lions on an African safari honeymoon Ana Gramsmaller/Shutterstock

    When people ask us our favorite honeymoon trip, an African safari tops the list. Seeing the grandeur of wildlife in its own environment gives perspective that we find life-changing. For the most amazing experiences, go to the continent that invented it. From Kenya to South Africa, you’ll find amazing safari lodges and Out of Africa-style tented camps oozing with ambiance, along with perks like generator-supplied electricity and the best South African wines.

  • Machu Picchu, Peru

    Alpaca enjoying the view at Machu Picchu on a Peru honeymoon Yaromir/Shutterstock

    This 15th century Andean citadel is atop many travel bucket lists, and we have to say, it lives up to the hype. We say, skip the five-day hike along the Inca Trail and do it the romantic way, via luxury rail, complete with tablecloth service and as many pisco sours as you can handle. You’ll get plenty of exercise hiking up and down the ruins, which offers different aspects of beauty as the sun changes position. Bookend your visit with stays in the rural Sacred Valley region (as peaceful as its name is evocative), and surprisingly sophisticated Cusco.

  • Atacama Desert, Chile

    Salt flats of Atacama Desert on a Chile honeymoon Nataliya Hora/Shutterstock

    We love the desert — for its beauty and serenity, and for the perspective gained by witnessing all of the life that exists in a seemingly barren place. Spread out between the Andes and the Pacific, the 600-mile-long Atacama is said the be the driest place on earth. A few strategically placed adventure lodges give you access to mountain climbing, horseback riding over the plains, and the luxurious dichotomy of amenities like swimming pools and spas, upping the unworldly nature of the experience. Magic.

  • New Zealand

    A luge track in Queenstown on a New Zealand honeymoon Aiaikawa/Shutterstock

    What’s not to love about a honeymoon in the birthplace of adventure travel? New Zealand is stunning, diverse and a little bit crazy—they invented bungee jumping, base jumping, zorbing, you name it. Start off on South Island for the most stunning adventures, such as heli-hiking, kayaking Milford Sound or spying on penguins in the Otango Peninsula. Then head north for dining and nightlife in Auckland or Wellington, soaking in geothermal waters in Rotorua or wine-tasting your way through Hawkes Bay. Along the way you’ll find amazing eco-lodges offering custom guided adventures and all the romantic perks you want on a honeymoon.