All-Inclusive Honeymoon Escapes

All-inclusives can get a bad rap, and justifiably so: We’ve been to places that cater more to convention-goers than vacationers, proffer watered-down drinks, and the food? Please don’t remind us.

Luxury all-inclusives are an entirely different experience altogether. There’s something so relaxing about being in a place where you don’t have to worry about carrying your wallet, or wait around after dinner for the check. Where you can order four different appetizers off the menu, just because you want to taste them. Where your in-room perks include jacuzzi tubs, 24-hour room service, elaborate swimming pools and in-room mini-bars—fully stocked, of course.

Here are things to keep in mind as you consider options.

  • How Exotic Do You Want to Get?

    Camel safari by the Pyramids on Egypt honeymoon Peach018/Shutterstock

    All-inclusives are ubiquitous in parts of Mexico and the Caribbean, especially the Dominican Republic and Riviera Maya. But you’ll also find them throughout Europe, on luxury ranches out West, and in unexpected spots like Chile and Morocco. And when you add in hotels with meal packages, cruises and custom tours that include hotels, meals, tours and transport for one upfront price, there’s really no geographic limit to the experience.

  • What Do You Want to Do?

    Scuba diving on a Caribbean honeymoon Rich Carey/Shutterstock

    Most all-inclusives offer the same things: meals, beverages (including rail drinks) and the cleverly phrased “non-motorized watersports.” So if you’re thinking of scuba diving or jet skiing, expect to pay on top of that. But not always: Some resorts include scuba, rounds of golf, even outside activities like zip lining or shopping excursions into town.

  • What Kinds of Extras Do You Want?

    Romantic pontoon dining at Turtle Island on a Fiji honeymoon Turtle Island, Fiji

    Most all-inclusives promise you the world, but not all deliver, so read the fine print carefully. There’s no point in paying for something you don’t need, and great value in getting a favorite activity or pastime included. Most resorts offer wine and rail drinks, but ask in advance if there’s a specific brand you like; if you only do Tanqueray and tonics, you want to know its covered. Does the resort charge extra for private experiences such as a romantic dinner on the sand? Ask in advance to see what’s covered and what isn’t.

  • The Kid Question: Tots or Not?

    Cute kid by the pool BlueOrange Studio/Shutterstock

    Take a look at this girl. Adorable, yes — but is she what you want to see on your honeymoon? All-inclusives are ideal  for families (she doesn’t want to finish her chicken fingers? Who cares!). Which may work for you, or may not. If you want to honeymoon at a family-friendly resort, look for one with adults-only areas such as pools or restaurants.

  • What Price Do You Put on Luxury?

    poolsidedaybeds:ventdusud Ventdusud/Shutterstock

    As with everything else in life, when it comes to all-inclusive resorts you get what you pay for. So if your primary thought is, this is an easy way to save money, you’re missing the point. This type of experience is about ease, first and foremost, and the price may surprise you. But they often offer packages and promotions, depending on timing, that can up the overall value.