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A Little Secret About Adult-Only Resorts

Here’s an issue we’ve encountered a lot recently. So many hotels — especially ones catering to “the romance market” — make a big deal of being adults-only. Which sounds fabulous if that’s what you’re looking for: some quiet down-time by the pool that doesn’t involve repeated splashing or calls of “Marco!” “Polo!”

But in the past two weeks we’ve come across three well-known spots that promote their “adults-only” status, and in fact, aren’t adults-only — or at least aren’t in the way most honeymooners think of it. Some adults-only resorts consider adults to be anyone 12 or over. Or age 16 and over. Or are only adults-only during certain times of the year, and exclude holidays or summer — you know, those times of year when  kids are out of school and want to splash around hotel pools on vacation playing Marco Polo.

Last time I checked, a 12-year-old wasn’t an adult.

And don’t get me wrong; I love kids. In fact, I plan to spend much of the summer poolside with my favorite 5-year-old, likely playing some heated games of Marco Polo and splashing anyone who gets near us.

But if I were planning a romantic getaway and likely paying extra to enjoy some adult-only time, I’d be disappointed to find out that adults can mean kids aged 12.

The morale of the story: Read the fine print, and if they don’t list it, ask. Or better yet, work with someone who knows the true scoop.





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