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Honeymoon Advice from Travel Pros

We were tickled pink when U.S. News & World Report Travel asked us to participate in a honeymoon-themed Twitter chat, alongside pals from Destination I Do and The Knot, and travel pros from Budget Travel, TravelZoo and more. Some great tips and fave spots were highlighted, so here’s a link to the official recap if you missed it!

Some of our favorite tips:

From Destination I Do: “Don’t schedule every second of the honeymoon. Have “must see” activities on your list, but try to keep it flexible.” We couldn’t agree more!! Part of the joy of travel is having downtime to wander, or to just sit on a balcony and watch the world go by.

From The Knot: “Unconventional spots we love are Cappadocia, Turkey; Spitsbergen, Norway; and Sedona, Arizona! Perfect for adventures.” We love Turkey as a honeymoon spot; it has city, beach, culture, amazing food–you name it! Norway is great but verrrry pricey so save up, or better yet do it as part of a cruise! As for Sedona, honeymoon, mini-moon, pre-wedding spa getaway— we like it all!

From Destination I Do: “River cruises are popular –sail down the Amazon, Danube River or Mekong River. So relaxing & you see cities up close.” We LOVE small-ship cruising as a honeymoon option, especially in exotic ports. Good one, ladies!

From Budget Travel: “Don’t book a hotel miles from the action just to save money; you’ll regret the schlep and lost time.” This is especially true in Europe, where taxis can be super-pricey. That $200 you save on hotel costs gets eaten up quickly by cab fare, limited meal options and traffic frustration.

From The Plunge: “Ring insurance — yeah, you need it.” We add travel insurance in there too. Honeymoons are expensive, and you want to protect your investment should you have to switch dates due to unforeseen circumstances. (Jury duty, anyone?)

Everyone agreed that working with a pro travel planner can not only save you planning time but secure you perks you just can’t get on your own. We couldn’t agree more! Want to get started? Here’s how.


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