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Photo by BMProductions/Shutterstock
Photo by BMProductions/Shutterstock

Key Advice for Picking the Right Honeymoon Spot

As a honeymoon planner, questions come with the job. Most often, they take some form of the following: Where should I honeymoon? What’s the best honeymoon spot? What’s your all-time favorite honeymoon spot?

I love sharing my knowledge, gained by years of firsthand¬†travel around the world as a travel writer and wedding-mag editor. But the truth is, there’s no easy answer to those questions. I love Africa, but I also love Tahiti. And New Orleans. And Thailand. And Tuscany. And so much more. The list goes on and on, and new places are constantly being added as I continue to travel and see new hotels and destinations.

Prague by William Perugini/Shutterstock
Prague by William Perugini/Shutterstock

Just like your wedding and your love story is unique, your honeymoon should be, too — it’s not about what I think or what works for your friends, it’s about what suits the two of you best. But I do have one key piece of advice for every couple thinking about honeymoon options:

Make it unique and new to you both by choosing a place where neither of you have been before.

After all, noone wants to spend their time being reminded of a previous visit; “last time I was here, it was like this….” And as your first trip as a married couple, the honeymoon gives you the opportunity to discover something new together and make it your own. This works best when you start on equal footing, and can enjoy the thrill of discovery as a team, setting the tone for all of the discoveries and adventures you’ll have as you go through life as a team.



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