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Surprise Travel, Yes or No? Our Take, in

Would you take a honeymoon not knowing anything about it, destination unknown and planned by someone else? “Travel to Nowhere/Anywhere” is apparently a thing for some wealthy Brits, who are signing on for the service from a UK luxury travel planner, who requires a $1,500 planning fee/$30,ooo per person minimum. We were flattered to be asked about it by one of our fave websites,

While I love reading about this kind of thing in Afar magazine’s “Spin the Globe” feature (they send a travel writer somewhere without any advance notice, and they have to make do on the fly when they get there), I’m not sure if I would do it myself. To me, the best trip is a collaboration, getting the dreams and practical wishes of clients and then adding our travel knowledge to find the best match of destination, style and budget. Sometimes the client goes somewhere they’ve always dreamed of — like A & C who wanted to experience sunset in Santorini and did so last July, along with Athens and Mykonos. Other times we’ll suggest something a couple hasn’t thought of, and they jump at it; that’s why S & L are going to Belize this summer.

Personally, I want to know where I’m going before I travel, or how else will I know what to pack? Not to mention, anticipation is part of the fun.



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