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Honeymoon Travel Tip: Don’t Be Afraid to Take It Slow

I love talking to couples about travel. Some of them are more excited about the honeymoon than they are about their weddings! Which may seem odd to their in-laws and wedding planner, but as an avid traveler myself, I totally get it.

But here’s a travel tip: Your honeymoon is an extremely important trip, no doubt — that’s why we make it our business! But it’s not the only trip you’ll ever take as a couple; it’s just the first of many in a lifetime of travel together. I speak to a lot of couples who want to cram as much as possible into their trip: Time at an amazing beach resort. Time in a really cool city. Time in the countryside. Time on extended airport layovers, so they can explore every single step of the way. And they want to do all of this in as many countries as possible!

I totally understand this way of thinking — I do it myself, when I start thinking about my travel bucket list! But the fact is, the more times you switch locales on a trip, the less time you get to spend actually enjoying the locations you chose — instead you’ll be dealing with things like airports, traffic jams and jet lag. Not to mention the budget factor: Every time you switch destinations, you incur costs from drivers to airfare to departure taxes. Which is money that could be spent on things like a stellar hotel suite, spa treatments, amazing meals or one-of-a-kind tours — those things that you’ll remember and treasure most when you look back on your trip.

Does this mean you should limit yourselves to one spot on your honeymoon? Heck no! We love planning creative itineraries around the world, be it an African safari and sexy resort in the Indian Ocean; a Southeast Asia trip that hits Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand; or a luxe tour of Europe’s most romantic spots. But keep this in mind as you start talking honeymoon dreams: The more time you spend on the road, the less time you’ll spend in that amazing beach or city, or in that kick-ass honeymoon suite. And part of the joy of travel is the chance to unwind and escape the daily grind. So for this trip, especially, consider leaving in some precious down time to slow down, sleep in and do absolutely nothing if that’s what you feel like doing — which is really hard to do this is you’re plane-hopping every other day. And look at your honeymoon as the first of many amazing travel experiences you’ll have together, from anniversaries to birthdays to babymoons. (Yep, we plan those things too!)

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