Destination Weddings

Words of Wisdom

A destination wedding requires a lot of time and money on the part of your guests, so you owe it to your people to pick great locale and host hotel. The right travel planner (yours truly) can help ensure that every part of the trip is planned and managed, from the room reservations to the last airport transfer.

We’re biased about destination weddings: We unabashedly love them, both to throw and to attend. Yes, they take extra care to pull off, but they’re worth it — there’s nothing like travel to make people closer, and there’s no better time than a wedding to do it.

In our 15 years as magazine editors specializing in weddings, we’ve seen literally thousands of destination weddings. So we know what destinations work well, and which aren’t up to snuff. We know what to look for in a venue, and what to steer clear of. We have great connections for creative partners, from floral designers to photographers. And our affiliation with Virtuoso and preferred status with top hotel companies allows you and your guests access to special perks that they just can’t get any other way.


Why you need a travel planner

Travel is the defining element in a destination wedding, and we start at the beginning. What are you looking for in your wedding experience? What offers the backdrop you’re looking for, and something fun for your guests? We help you narrow down the world, finding the best locale, venue and accommodations for your special event.

Then we handle all of the other stuff:  securing the best rates; arranging and managing room blocks; deciphering and tracking deposits and due dates; and arranging excursions for your group. We also act as a one-stop resource for all of your guest’s travel needs, coordinating guest RSVPs, booking flights and airport transfers, tracking who gets in when and handling and special needs or requests; you know, all of that stuff that you don’t have time to do.

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